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With our proven SEO strategies we’ve helped businesses accelerate from scratch. As the most preferred SEO Company in India, we are catering to some of the known brands in the industry. Additionally, our services do not limit to large enterprises. We are successfully rendering best SEO services in India to small and mid-level businesses too.

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We know the 7 secrets of improving SEO rankings. Ask us how we are helping brands move from second page to the first.

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When you float on top of search results, leads follow. When you constantly stay there, you dominate. Sales auto -flows in for market leaders.

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Get seen! SEO is the best way to go organically visible before your targeted customers.

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Here’s why you should rely on team MSG! When your business website is in the right hands, Search Engine Optimization becomes a growing tree that reaps relevant traffic, more visibility, and exponential growth. We are not just delivering best SEO services in India. We are more than just a SEO company. If you are looking for best SEO services in India, bank upon us as we help you drive more revenue.

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Start growing better with a top-rated SEO Company in India! Media Search Group is a strong team of SEO qualified people. Standing strong with our clients, we are always thinking about the growth of your clients. Since SEO is in our DNA, we have been delivering satisfactory results helping brands rank on 1 page of search engine for over a decade. So the smartest way to improve your brand visibility to sync with our team of SEO experts.

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Competitor Analysis
Keywords Research
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Content Development
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Business leaders are well aware of the power of Search Engine Optimization. However, getting up there and stick for years is challenging. So, if you think SEO is your prime driver for sales and you need a reliable hand to handle, Let’s Talk!


Our Manpower Your Brand

Media Search Group’s White Label Partnership Program is designed for SEO companies, SEO startups, and other enterprises willing to expand by delivering SEO services to their clients. While we do all that is needed to get rankings, you can breathe stress-free. Under the white label partnership program, we work on your client’s requirements keeping your brand as the front face.

  • Hassel Free Outsourcing Service
  • Full-Fledge Project Management
  • Growth Centric SEO Service
  • Report Delivery as per your Brand Image
  • Dedicated Resources
  • 24 Hours Support
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Deliver it to you with your branding. While you remain the face to your client, we take care of the working at the backend.


When your business website is in the right hands, Search Engine Optimization becomes a growing tree that reaps relevant traffic, more visibility, and exponential growth. Reach out to our team for your SEO service requirement.

Meet the SEO Company in India that is known for attracting the right customers for the business. Media Search Group – Your Partner in SEO!

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is the process of increasing visibility of a website in search engines. It uses different tactics to enhance the rankings of a page in natural search result. Best SEO company uses a blend of techniques like creating more good backlinks, improving quality of content, to enhance the visibility of your website in organic search result. SEO that increases the quality and quantity of traffic to your website is crucial part that constitutes an effective digital marketing strategy. If you are looking to gain the advantages of online audiences to boost your sales or enhance your brand awareness, you must incorporate this in your mainstream marketing strategy. But it is process that requires time and consistency. Pressed for time? Cheap SEO Services are worth investing for your business.
Both are meant to optimize individual web pages in order to rank higher and earn more traffic. On-page SEO work only on the factors within a website like web page content, html source code, sitemap and so on whereas off-site SEO refers to the links and other external factors like blog posting, bookmarking, social bookmarking. Both are crucial part of SEO and so ultimately aim at helping increase a web page rankings and traffic to the site.
The number of people online is fast growing. Those people can be target audience. And SEO services will help you target them by increasing your visibility online. SEO is a set of practices that help you can improve your search rankings and get traffic to your website from those online people. It helps with other online marketing campaigns. Whether you want to run an online campaign for brand awareness or boost your sales or tell about a newly launched product or services, top SEO service in India will help you achieve your goal by reaching your message to more and more people online. So they are critical for the success of your online business.
Though result will start appearing in 2-3 months, for the best result, you must invest at least 6 months. In addition, there are many factors that play a role in determining how much time it will take for result to appear. The time varies from project to project. So there is no fixed rule. However, six months is hailed ideal for real result- the result that benefits your business, indeed. Running on a tight budget? Cheap SEO Services in India make the best option for low budget project. Many top SEO companies in India offer result oriented affordable SEO services for startups and business with a limited budget.
It is a very crucial every business should ask before hiring a SEO company. After all you are investing your time and money. Most importantly, you are letting outsiders access to crucial information about your business. So do not make haste when it comes to choosing a SEO partner for your business. Instead take your time and make a deliberation of all crucial factors. Or go with only top SEO companies in India as they are experienced, reputed and have hands-on handling different types of project. Top SEO services in India are by far the best option if you want to get the best return on your investment. The quick result, transparency, easy to approach and high level of professionalism in all perspectives are some of the best things about top SEO services in India.
All top SEO companies have a team of technically sound professionals who take on the job of making required changes to your website. So you do not need to worry if you hire renowned SEO services in India. And it is the right route to go on as your crucial time should go on making plans, strategies and executing them rather managing a team of professionals assigned with the task of doing on-page SEO for your website. On-site changes are part of development, and so making on-site changes require the knowledge of HTML coding, sitemap and the likes.
Website audit also called SEO audit is the process of examining a website relevancy in search engines. It evaluates a website in different areas to find out why the site does not rank well in the search engines. A properly done SEO audit will give you a detail insight into your website, individual pages and traffic. And you are more able to take the right action. So it is very crucial to do a complete audit before anything else like SEO. Top SEO companies in India provide free web audit along their SEO services. So do not worry if you hire SEO services from one of the renowned SEO agencies in India.
Google penalizes websites for breaking the rules. Many websites use unethical practices to increase their rankings. Buying links to boost one’s links, spammy content, and poor quality content and so on are some of tactics of improving rankings and getting traffics unethically. Google considers buying and selling links, links exchange, targeting certain anchor text, and excessive/spammy forum/content postings as bad practice. And so it penalizes those websites doing those activities to increase rankings and boost traffics. To best deal with Google penalty, we focus on a mix of crucial activities such as monitoring your link profile, eliminating negative SEO, improving content quality, removing user-generated spam, removing specific anchor text, and the likes. Moreover, we do all those things that help fast reverse the effect of Google penalty.
Online marketing has become more relevant today. And SEO is a crucial part of digital marketing. Be it spreading brand story, promoting a product or increasing sales, digital marketing is considered as the most effective approach. And for a successful online marketing, you must have a website that ranks higher in search result and receives traffics in large number. This is where SEO services come as an inevitable need for every business today.
It may be a bit difficult for you. But when you hire top SEO companies in India, you do not need to worry. This means your projects are into right hands. And you are certain to get the result you need. But there are also some SEO companies that offer cheap SEO services in India. If you are looking for low-cost SEO services, go with a company that has experience of working on the projects like yours. Reputation, clients’ feedbacks are some other things you should consider when hiring an SEO company in India.
Investing in best SEO services in India is always fruitful. And it pays you back in several ways like boosting your website rankings meaning your business is more visible to prospective audiences. SEO is a key to the success of an online campaign. It will boost the output of your effort and time you spend on an online campaign. An SEO audit will help you get to know how worthy top SEO services in India can be to your business. In more than one way SEO can benefit you business. Stop wondering. And contact one of the best SEO companies in India that will help you figure out the benefits your business will get from SEO.
Keyword research is one of the core activities of SEO, and so we apply the best techniques and approach to analyze keywords to see if they are relevant to your project. We do keyword research in steps using the most popular tools both free and paid. First we make a list of important topics based on the information you provide about your business, and then suggest some most relevant keywords. Now research related to search terms. This helps us find the best keywords for your business. We prepare a list of both long-tail and short-tail keywords so that we can bring you the best result in terms of rankings and traffics.
As a leading SEO company in India, we strive to maintain the integrity and trustworthiness of your website into the eyes of leading search engines while using the tactics to increase your website rankings in the search engine result page. White hat is the practice in SEO that focuses on the use of fair and ethical means and techniques to boost rankings and traffics of web page. As we believe in long-lasting result, we follow the rules and terms of leading search engines. So you get the best SEO services that bring you higher return your investment for a longer time.
Keyword mapping is the process in which keywords are mapped to specific pages on a website based on keyword research. This enables you to make specific on-page recommendations crucial to increasing rankings of your website. The objective of keyword mapping is to help you get to know where in the website you need to optimize. So you target the require area of your website rather shooting in the dark, and so the result is significant. Keyword mapping requires you to have a specific set of skills, and also takes time. So it is better to assign your project to a leading SEO company in India. Top SEO services in India use the best techniques and tools used keyword mapping, and suggest you the specific areas you need to focus more.
There are a number of tools used in SEO. Some of them are paid while some are free. Both paid and free tools have their own advantages in analyzing keywords, trends, traffics and other similar activities. Our focus is on make the best use of both free and paid tools so that we can provide better result. Some of the free tools we use include Google Analytics, Google PageSpeed Tools, Google Trends, Google Search Console, SEMrush etc.
SSL is a kind of certificate that helps secure website data and increase the ranking of a website. It works as the man-in-the-middle attacks, and protects the data driven between web server and browser. So the main work of SSL is to help data security and boost rankings as Google came out with HTTPS update. So we think SSL significantly impact SEO and the rankings of a web page. And so we as a leading SEO company in India consider SSL while doing SEO for your projects.

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