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Digital Marketing (Internet Marketing) Services in India

What is Digital Marketing?

As the world switched from offline to online, the marketplace also changed from offline to online. And as the marketplace changed, the efforts also changed. Everyone started making a website and competing in the online market. They thought it is was easy to make a place in the online marketplace. But it is not everyone's cup of tea.

Digital marketing is a vast arena. It requires a lot of careful thought and dedication to understand the consumer behaviours and to place the right ads before them. If it does not happens in this manner, the digital marketing efforts go vain. There is no conversion.

In simple words, digital marketing is the art of offering right products to the right customers. If the user finds what he needs or is looking for, you have a cent percent conversion. This is how digital marketing works. The digital marketing agency has managers who predict these patterns and base their campaigns on basis of them only.

Who Does Digital Marketing?

As mentioned above, it is not everyone's cup of tea. Only digital marketing experts who have been working in a digital marketing agency are capable enough to use the right mix of digital marketing tools and techniques. You need to hire an expert professional internet marketing company who employs the right internet marketing services to get the maximum benefits for your ROI. The term benefit means ROI.

What Makes a Top Digital Marketing Agency?

This might be a tricky question as different digital marketing companies will have different criteria on their list. Few will tell you that they are one of the premier Google ranking services. Few others will provide you with their rank as an integrated search marketing company. And few others will proclaim to be the best digital agency to work. But the digital excellence that makes a top digital marketing agency cannot be comprehended from here.

The things that make a top digital marketing company are their ability to get you to the top of search results in no span of time and their capability to optimize your website in such a manner that maintains its position. Being rated among the top companies speaks of their experience and expertise. But it is only their performance, which justifies it. You have to be very patient while working with a digital marketing agency

Our Motto

We at Media Search Group are focussed on digital excellence. We have years of experience in taking the businesses to every hook and corner of the online world. The marketplace that exists online is so vast that it can sustain a lot of businesses. And we want to top in that competition by taking our clients to the top.

While navigating through the fast-evolving digital landscape, we have been delivering quality digital marketing services. We owe the grand success that we have achieved to our motto of 'Digital Excellence', our culture and practice of exceeding our limits. We always do more than what we have promised, excelling and experting in whatever we do.

Our Digital Marketing Services

While a large number of internet marketing services come under the umbrella of digital marketing services, what online marketing services we offer are listed below:

1. Search Engine Optimisation - We do enterprise SEO, local SEO and e-commerce SEO at the most affordable prices. We as a top rated internet marketing company, deliver more growth with rankings for more keywords, more traffic, more leads and more sales. We are going to provide you more conversions from SEO than you have been previously getting. We do mobile SEO separately to get your website ranked in the mobile first index.

2. Online Reputation Management - We perform brand reputation management, corporate reputation management, and place reputation management. Our ORM services help you to build positive results easily. We create a connection with the customer that promotes your positive image and boosts mouth to mouth publicity. Online reputation management is directly related to the way you present yourself to the world.

3. Website Design and Development - We do website design and development also as a part of our digital marketing services. We believe that a good user interface and user experience is pretty essential for success in the online world. We thereby, incorporate those facilities beforehand to make the visitors stay on the website for a longer period of time. We make sure that the first impression lasts forever.

4. Pay Per Click Advertising - We have been doing PPC campaigns for over years and have expertise in generating more leads and more sales. We do provide the PPC advertising services at the lowest possible costs per acquisition. In minimum investment on PPC, you get the maximum clicks or visitors to the site. The Return on Ad Spend (RoAS) that we deliver is better than that you have ever seen before.

5. Pay Per Impression Advertising - We have a lot of trouble in making businesses understand that impressions are not the same thing as clicks, but they do provide the same effect as advertising. We do PPI advertising, by optimising the cost incurred for the advertisements to as low as possible. We have done PPI advertising campaigns for a large number of clients. From cruise line shopping programs to hotel offers, everybody has attracted huge customers by PPI.

6. Copywriting and Content Marketing - We have analysed that the content present on the website is a deciding factor in conversion. If the content is compelling enough, the user is convinced, and conversion takes place. We offer fresh, relevant and SEO driven content plan for your digital marketing needs. All your content - editorials, videos, blogs, ads, etc. are optimised in a way that they attract the customers.

7. Link Building - We help you in creating delivering backlinks that point to your website. These backlinks help you reach your target audience by being visible before them. We create quality backlinks and do not indulge in link farming so that they continuously deliver traffic to your website. Our link building services have undergone refinements over the course of time as we became perfect with practice.

8. Social Media Marketing - We have seen businesses clinching the market by reaching out to people on social media platforms, chiefly Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We take care of your social media marketing by - connecting, interacting, sharing and engaging. We have the expertise to start, sustain and increase your relationships with followers, making you a social media celebrity fortnight.

9. Conversion Rate Optimisation - We know that even 0.5% increase in conversion rate contributes to an increase in sales. As a CRO agency, we optimise everything in a way that it boosts your sales. We combine the science of SEO with user behaviour journeys to present to them what they need or are searching for at a given point in time. This means your ROI will be as high as never before.

10. Email Marketing - We all have been using emails. They were, they are ad they will ever be the most preferred form of communications between any two people. We encash the trust value of emails to promote your website or business. We do so through effective, researched, precise testing and careful optimization. As emails reach the inbox of potential customers, the generation of conversion starts.

11. Website Analytics - We trust practical results that have been obtained by our own hit and trial methods. We closely follow the path from discovery to the conversion of your customers and determine what changes are needed in the website to retain them. Our data-driven approach guarantees success in the online sphere, where technology cannot be fooled by anyone. We measure the website analytics to see our progress in digital marketing.

We employ the right mix of internet marketing services to create the most amazing customer experiences. And since we are able to provide the best to the customer, we prove that we craft successful campaigns that deliver on business objectives.

History Of Digital Excellence

We have a long history of providing to our clients best digital outcomes. Our motto of digital excellence has never gone useless. This is one reason why we have been a preferred digital marketing company in Delhi NCR. Although there are plenty of options available to the general public, we have consistently partnered with many clients across the globe.

Our internet marketing services have a long list of both offshore and onshore clients. You can find them in the testimonials and case studies. You will then realise that you've found the right digital agency to partner with.

Connect With Us

As a top-notch digital marketing agency India, we are very desirable. Our clientele is spread across the country and we are constantly working to expand the base to the world. After knowing who we are and what we do, the best thing that you can do is to connect with us.

Our digital marketing offerings come in convenient, ready-to-buy packages with clearly identified deliverables. You can check them out now to decide which one you want to pick. You can even discuss with us to get a customised plan as per your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital marketing is a broader term that consists of different types of marketing usually done online. From social media marketing, SEO, PPC to display advertising all are part of a complete online marketing plan. A leading digital marketing company is the specialist in all those areas of marketing through internet.
Digital marketing is a more effective way of advertising a product or service. So it is, today, widely used to promote brand, products or services. It is cost effective and brings the result fast. Be it generating more sales leads or educating potential audiences about the benefits of your newly launched product or service, digital marketing is what you can completely count on.
Online marketing is a group of various kinds of Internet-enabled marketing. The prominent elements that form the term digital marketing include social media- a great tool for lead generations and customer engagement, SEO- an approach that help rank your website higher in the search engine result page, PPC- a unique yet very effective way for boosting sales instantly, and display marketing- the type of marketing that is mainly used to tell audiences about offers or discounts. Email marketing and mobile marketing are also hailed as critical parts of a comprehensive internet marketing plan. As to tap the most benefits of digital marketing, you should hire an online marketing agency in India that provides a comprehensive internet marketing services.
SEO which stands for Search engine optimization is a crucial part of digital marketing. It is the process of increasing a web page ranking in organic search result page. SEO enhances a website�s visibility by driving traffic to it. It is a great tool that helps you improve your online presence and be found online.
Social media is also a part of internet marketing, but it, unlike SEO, increases your brand visibility on social media platforms. Today social media platforms are a great tool to promote products and services while enabling you to communicate with an audience more effectively. Using the right tactics and approach, you can make the best use of social media to achieve your business goals.
PPC is a part of internet marketing that is used to rank a web page in the inorganic result. In pay-per-click you pay each time your ads get clicked. In simple words, it is a way of buying visits to your website, unlike SEO in which you toil to gain those visits organically. It brings the result fast, and all you need is the knowledge of how to run a PPC ad campaign. Or hire a top digital marketing company in India, which provides best internet marketing services including PPC.
Both have their own advantages. While PPC gets your instant result as long as you are ready to pay. But with social media, you get the return on your investment for a long spell of time. PPC gets you the fast result but social media marketing is a process that requires time and consistency. Social media helps you build a pool of loyal customers that do business with you for a long time whereas PPC boosts your sales instantly. Also, PPC is more expansive than social media. So make your decision, keeping your budget in mind.
Before you hire digital marketing services, get to know what exactly you want. Some businesses need more leads while some want to run a brand awareness campaign. So first, you should get to learn about what you actually want from digital marketing. Once you know your goals, you also know what you need. Whether you need to hire a comprehensive digital marketing package or choose a particular area of digital marketing like social media marketing, SEO, or PPC. This also helps choose a best internet marketing agency that would be the best fit for your need.
Yes, it is perhaps one of the most difficult things to decide on when you need to hire internet marketing services. But once you know your goals, this too becomes that easy. Several best digital marketing agencies offer a free consultation for businesses unable to decide on whether they should choose full internet marketing services or hire services for some particular sort of marketing. For example, they will help you whether you should choose social media marketing services or PPC or SEO or display marketing services or better go with more than one service to get the best result. So all you need to do is get to us and our team of highly competent professionals will come out with the best idea for your need.
The cost of digital marketing depends on several factors, so it will vary. From the location where you hire digital marketing services to why you are hiring meaning the sorts of activities, you want digital marketing services to perform for you act as a vital factor in determining the cost. Also, along with reputation and experience of the agency you hire, time duration you hire services for plays a role in determining the cost. A small growing agency will be more affordable than those that have a long experience and have a large base of clients.
Of course, hiring internet marketing agency services in India is cheaper than a team of in-house professionals. There are many factors that increase the cost of having an in-house internet marketing expert team, for example, space, infrastructure, and expenses related to employees like salaries, gratuity, etc. So if you are on a tight budget, let us handle your digital marketing requirements. Media Search Group is a leading fast-growing online marketing agency in India with pretty handsome experience in taking on different types of project. Moreover, we are highly professional in approach and dedicated to delivering the right result.
Media Search Group is a fast emerging leader in internet marketing segment. We have a team of professionals with expertise in their respective fields. We have a separate team for each work, and your project goes ahead in stepwise. The best thing is the transparency and coordination between each team, which ensures that your project is handled in the highest professional manner and the result beyond your expectation.

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